A Jewish Joke

A Jewish Joke Poster 3

by Phil Johnson & Marni Freedman
October 4-21


A brilliant one-man show starring Phil Johnson, who co-wrote the script with Marni Freedman, follows the meteoric rise and stunning, sudden fall of a top comedy writer the timing and irony of the best of the Jewish stand-up comics with the virtuoso skills of a show business wheeler-dealer.


A bravura performance


“A Jewish Joke” brilliantly proves that the blacklist was no laughing matter. 


 -STL Jewish Light


Show dates and times


4- 7:30

5 - 7:30

6 - 7:30

7 - 2:00

11 - 7:30

12 - 7:30

13 - 7:30

14 - 2:00

18 - 7:30

19 - 7:30

20 - 7:30

21 - 7:30






"Johnson’s furious and funny and at times even awe-inspiring performance in this exceptional Roustabouts Theatre production." - James Hebert, The San Diego Union~Tribune




“’A JEWISH JOKE’ which has already toured festivals around the country, should be seen by every American. This is vibrant, vital, must-see theater.” - Pat Launer, Times of San Diego




"Johnson’s performance is indefatigable and heart-rending." - David Coddon, San Diego CityBeat




"Anchored by Johnson’s passionate performance, the evening is a tremendous beginning to The Roustabouts' second season. A Jewish Joke is going to be playing Off-Broadway at The Lion Theatre in February 2019, and it deserves a successful run next year." - David Dixon, Talkin' Broadway




"In a moving, well timed, well calculated tour de force performance Johnson crosses all his T's and dots all his I's. This 'comedy/drama,' under the direction of David Ellenstein, is not only unforgettable it's what theatre is all about." - Carol Davis, Carol's Theatre Reviews




"Johnson is utterly believable, so much so that you’ll feel that he’s just invited you to his office for a chat. But this is serious, portentous conversation, horribly reminiscent – and frighteningly still relevant. See it here while you can."  - Jean Lowerison, San Diego Gay and Lesbian News




“Phil takes the every man and makes him every man. You can see him think. Watching him is a master class in acting. Every actor tries to find his character’s heart. In the case of Bernie Lutz, Johnson has found his soul. See it before it tours across the country even all the way to Off-Broadway!” - Elizabeth Youngman Westphal, Fallbrook News






"A solo tour de force powerfully performed by Johnson and forcefully co-written by him and Marni Freedman..’ One actor — the telephone doesn’t belong to the union — and a very simple set makes it a great prospect for off-Broadway. Producers, take note."
The Huffington Post




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