by Patrick Tovatt

Boatwright 909kbApril 13-29

A Bunbury World Premiere, the romantic comedy in two acts is in the old style --where the guy gets the girl or the girl gets the guy -- depending on your point of view. But, in this buoyant romp, the guy is a bit long in the tooth, and the girl is no spring chicken either. Recently retired to a ramshackle, out-of-the-way corner of waterfront, Ned is content to quietly pursue his three passions: building boats, writing songs and designing his own demise. A mysterious young customer in his boat shop abruptly catapults him into an entirely new life, full of music, love, and responsibilities.


Emmy Nominated Actor/ Patrick Tovatt


Rebecca Henderson

Francis Whitaker

Set Design by Award Winning Designer/ David Weller

Lighting Design by Gerald Kean

Costume Design by Hannah Greene

Props by Bekah Aebersold

Dates and Times of Performances


13 -7:30

14- 7:30

15- 2:00

19 - 7:30

20 - 7:30

22 - 2:00

26 - 7:30

27 - 7:30

28 - 7:30

29 - 2:00