Another Cocktail Dear?

ANOTHER COCKTAIL DEAR? by Sallie Manassah 

April 12-28

Five women who have been friends for more than 40 years meet for a card game once a month and talk about their lives and their families.  Now they are all in their 60's and sharing the life experiences of their similar-aged adult children, but, more importantly, the challenges of dealing with their aging parents.  They question the value of living into one's nineties and beyond and wonder what their own aging will resemble. They decide to form a bond to help them make this journey together, with surprising consequences.


12  7:30
13  7:30
14  2:30
18  7:30
19  7:30
20  no show, thunder over Louisville 
21 2:30
24 7:30
25 7:30
26 7:30
27 7:30
28 2:30