The Last Hanukkah Christmas?

The Last Hanukkah Christmasby Juergen K. Tossmann

Dec 13-23

It's December 22nd, 2012, the day after the Mayan Calendar ends and the end of the world begins. Holocaust survivor Klaus Klurman wakes up to find that his world has been turned upside down. He is visited by several Spirits - one being his old friend Hyman Goldstein and one being his deceased wife, Margie. Together the Spirits lead him through a journey of recollection, fear and ultimately hope.
This Myan Calendar Mishap features long time Bunbury Actors Matt Orme, Juergen Tossmann, Mike Burmester and Kristy Calmen. 

With relative newcombers: Jamisa Spalding, Abby Helm and Alyssa Furkin.

Last season Christina Martin of wrote:" Bunbury's A Hanukkah Christmas with Klurman and Goldstein is a good bet. Lighthearted yet thought-provoking, it resonates with everyone - whether they celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, both, or neither.


Thurs            13th-  7:30
Fri                 14th-  7:30
Saturday       15th-  7:30
Sunday         16th-  2:30/ 7:30   (two performances)
Tuesday        18th-  7:30
Wednesday    19th-  7:30
Thursday       20th-  7:30
Friday           21st-  7:30
Saturday       22nd  7:30
Sunday         23rd   2:30