The Santaland Diaries

The SantaLand Diariesby David Sedaris

December 2 – 18, 2016

"A delightfully thorny account of working as a Yuletide elf at Macy's. Priceless observations, both outrageous and subtle. Destined to hold a place in the annals of American humor writing." —NY Times. "THE SANTALAND DIARIES is quite possibly the thirty-one funniest pages of text published in the past quarter century…David Sedaris slays me." —Seattle Weekly.

Starring: Karl Seitz

Showtimes are as follows:
2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 - 7:30
4, 11, 18 - 2:30

A 30th anniversary Holiday Present for you

A special reading of a new short story

by Juergen K. Tossmann




Featuring Matt Orme, Rena Cherry Brown 

Juergen K. Tossmann 


Frank Whitaker

A touching story of a young immigrant boy

and his special Christmas gift


When Otto is teased by his teacher and classmates he relies on the friendship of a small group of classmates and his 93 year old Grandfather to guide him through a very difficult time.


The reading of OTTO’S CHRISTMAS GIFT will follow

THE SANTALAND DIARIES after a brief intermission

There is no charge for this production when attending